The 10 Myths of Gun Control

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Anti-gun hysteria is at all-time highs.

Since mass shootings in Las Vegas and Florida, media bobble heads and their swamp minions in Congress have been screeching for gun control.

Universal gun registration, red flag gun confiscation, ammo taxes…. You name it. 

These laws are all on their gun control wish list.

This gun control formula is played out:

Blame the guns. Demonize gun owners. Call for gun control.

Rinse and Repeat.

Even worse, we’re starting to see supposedly pro-gun activists and politicians fall for the anti-gun snake oil. 

From the general culture to political discourse, guns are overwhelmingly portrayed in a negative light.

You are force-fed the impression that the mere possession of a gun is a crime or shooting spree waiting to happen.

For that reason, your “enlightened” overlords must swoop in to the rescue and pass legislation to keep you "safe".

And if you dare challenge the conventional narrative, you'll be labeled a “reactionary” or a gun nut.

Alas, this is the level of political discourse we see these days.

But not all hope is lost my friend. 

Free individuals like you and me are in the right, whereas the control freak politicians are on the wrong side of history.

For that reason, I have taken it upon myself to refute some of the most prominent myths about gun control.

So without further ado, I’d like to reveal to you .

This book provides you next level information that you’ll NEVER find in the fake news media.

Heck, your so-called “Red pill” Conservative Inc. gurus won’t bring up what I discuss throughout this book.

Let’s be real. Gun rights are at a tipping point in the United States.

With outright calls to destroy the Second Amendment on the Left, and weak-kneed compromising on the Right, gun rights could be on the chopping block.

Independent perspectives are desperately needed.

As a native of Venezuela, I know all too well how gun control is used to consolidate tyranny.

That’s why I threw my hat in the ring and wrote this book to set the record straight.

I do not want to see a replay of what’s happening in Venezuela to occur in the United States.

You and your loved ones deserve to be free from government busybodies in Washington D.C.

For that reason, is a must read for anyone who is serious about changing the gun control status quo we live in.

After reading this text, you will be able to hold your own in any debate with your anti-gun friends, family, or associates. No questions asked.

And heck, you will have a solid foundation in championing issues like gun rights should you take your activism to the next level.

Knowledge is power and the foundation for any worthwhile endeavor. With this next level information at your fingertips, the sky is the limit.

So make today the day you say NO to the gun control status quo by taking action NOW.

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The 10 Myths of Gun Control

5 ratings
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