How Socialism Destroyed Venezuela

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Why Venezuela is a S#!%hole

What the Neocons, Marxists, and Mainstream Media WON’T Tell You about Socialism in Venezuela

Inside this slim, fact-heavy ebook you’ll discover:

The full history of socialism in Venezuela DECADES before Chavez took power (and why it’s the key to understanding the current crisis).

How “gradual socialism” turned the richest Latin American country into a 3rd-world nightmare.

Why Venezuela’s economy boomed when oil prices were low (and why they experienced negative growth rates despite oil prices shooting to all-time highs).

The basic economics behind Venezuela’s (easily preventable) food shortages and bread lines.

A merciless takedown of John Oliver’s weak and dishonest “reasoning” for Venezuela’s collapse (and proof that Venezuela follows the 10 planks of communism to the T).

Plus so much more…

Everyone Is Getting Venezuela Wrong

Venezuela is in free fall collapse.

No one would deny that.

The question is…


Well, if you asked the mainstream media (the people tasked with reporting the “facts”), they would throw out vague reasons like “corruption” or “mismanagement.”

Ask the progressive left and they’ll tell you “American imperialism” or “low oil prices.”

Both of these camps will proudly tell you that the situation in Venezuela is “not real socialism.”

But here’s the thing…

The people on the other side of this debate…

The Neocons…

They don’t understand Venezuela either.

Sure, they’ll tell you “yeah, Venezuela is a failed socialist state.”

At least this is better than the socialist deniers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders who would tell you Cuba and the Soviet Union didn’t practice real socialism either.

But the Neocons’ “solution” to this problem is worse than the leftists.

They (falsely) believe that they can simply oust the president using the might of the American military and then suddenly the people will be “liberated” and we’ll bring the great God of “democracy” to the Venezuelan people. Problem solved!


We’ve seen this movie play out MANY times before. And it always ends in catastrophe.

Think back to:

The invasion of Afghanistan.

Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Iraq war.

“Hillary’s War” in Libya.

And the list of military interventions goes on and on.

The results?

The Taliban (the terrorists we were supposed to topple) now control MORE land in Afghanistan than ever before, and opium production is at its highest.

A million Iraqis and almost 5,000 U.S. troops killed and a country completely destabilized.

West African migrants being kidnapped and traded in open air slave markets.

In short:

Total disaster.

The Neocons, the progressives, the media, they’re all wrong.

Now is your chance to be on the right side of this issue by scrolling up and ordering "How Socialism Destroyed Venezuela" today!

Meet the Author, José Niño

1. I was 6 years old, right before Chavez was elected. My parents saw the writing on the wall, and my dad's business was forced to close down in the mid-90s due to a lot of the IMF style economic adjustment that went down during the 1990s. Inflation peaked at nearly 100% in the mid-1990s.

2. I was born in Valencia, Venezuela and then moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area

3. I was involved with Estudiantes por la libertad (the Spanish-speaking division of Students For Liberty) and interacted with numerous activists there, but not any bigwigs. I'm friends with Rafael Acevedo. He is the Political Director of Movimiento Libertad Venezuela, and Founder-Director of Econintech. He is also a Research Associate at the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech.

4. I've appeared on the Tom Woods and Dana Loesch shows to talk about and I've written on the subject. I also write for Big League Politics, The Advocates for Self-Government, and Mises. 

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How Socialism Destroyed Venezuela

4 ratings
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